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Teddy Bear Purse Pattern

Updated: Feb 29

Hello Friends! Welcome back to another free pattern Friday!!! It's been just over a month since I've shared a pattern with you all, can you believe it? I didn't mean for it to take that long, but after I got my bottom two wisdom teeth out my brain was out of commission for a while. It's almost like I'm less wise now... Ba dum tss~ Haha I'm so sorry you had to read that with your own eyes.

Anyway! Welcome back! Today we will be making this teddy bear purse pattern I wrote back in 2015! For some reason, my beginner designer brain just thought this was some overly complicated pattern and I've been too scared to release it. And then, not too long ago I realized this is easier than quite a few patterns I've released so far, and the only thing that made it complicated was adding a zipper! So, I got over it, revisited the pattern, and here we are! This pattern is not too complicated and is super fun to make, so let's just jump into making a cute teddy purse, shall we?!

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~If you have any questions about the pattern, or you just want to send me a picture of your finished project please contact me at! Feel free to make and sell these, but please do not mass produce! If you would like to share this pattern, please link to this page, but please do not reprint it on your site. Also, please credit me when using this pattern by tagging me @cutiepie_crochet on Instagram. Thanks, and have lots of fun making your new plushie friend!~

For this pattern you will need:

4.25mm hook

Worsted Weight Yarn in colors of your choice


Small amount of stuffing

Yarn needle


Stitch markers

Fabric for lining and matching thread (optional)

Sewing needle (optional)


Mr- magic ring

St- stitch

Sc- single crochet

Inc- increase (sc twice in one stitch)

Dec- decrease (sc two stitches together)

Ch- chain

Front and Back Panels:

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: inc 6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4: sc 1, inc, (sc 2, inc)x5, sc 1 [24]

Round 5: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30]

Round 6: sc 2, inc, (sc 4, inc)x5, sc 2 [36]

Round 7: (sc 5, inc)x6 [42]

Round 8: sc 3, inc, (sc 6, inc)x5, sc 3 [48]

Round 9: (sc 7, inc)x6 [54]

Round 10: sc 4, inc, (sc 8, inc)x5, sc 4 [60]

Round 11: (sc 9, inc)x6 [66]

Round 12: sc 5, inc, (sc 10, inc)x5, sc 5 [72]

Round 13: (sc 11, inc)x6 [78]

Round 14: sc 6, inc, (sc 12, inc)x5, sc 6 [84]

Round 15: (sc 13, inc)x6 [90]

Round 16: sc 7, inc, (sc 14, inc)x5, sc 7 [96]

Tie off, weave in ends.

Middle Panel:

(You can add extra rows to make this panel as thick as you want, and you should adjust the amount of chain stitches to the length of your zipper if you are using one!)

Row 1: Foundation sc 96

Rows 2-3: ch 1, turn, sc across [96]

Row 4: sc 33, ch 30, skip 30 st, sc 33 [96]

Row 5: sc 33, sc in every ch st, sc 33 [96]

Row 6: sc across [96]

Tie off, leave long tail for sewing. Sew a zipper in ch space if you want to have a zipper, then sew ends together to make one big circle, making sure to not twist the piece.


You can add extra rows to make the strap thicker if you desire, or do less rows if you want it thinner.

Row 1: Foundation sc desired length, leaving starting tail of yarn long enough to sew with (I usually add a couple extra inches so I can fold over the ends so the strap can be attached a bit more securely)

Rows 2-3: ch 1, sc across.

Tie off, leaving long tail for sewing


Ch 6

Round 1: starting in second ch from hook, sc 4, inc, turn work to un worked side of ch, sc 4, inc. You are now working in the round. [12]

Round 2: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 3: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24]

Round 4: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30]

Round 5: (sc 4, inc)x6 [36]

Round 6: (sc 5, inc)x6 [42]

Rounds 7-8: sc around [42]

Tie off, leaving long tail for sewing. Embroider nose.

Eyes (make two):

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: (inc, sc 1)x3 [9]

Tie off, leaving long tail for sewing.

Ears (make two):

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24]

Round 5: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30]

Round 6: (sc 4, inc)x6 [36]

Round 7: (sc 5, inc)x6 [42]

Rounds 8-9: sc around [42]

Round 10: (sc 5, dec)x6 [36]

Round 11: sc around [36]

Tie off, leave long tail for sewing


-Start by adding back panel to one side of the middle panel (making sure to position the ch st opening with where you want the top of your purse to be), with right side facing out. Attach securely and weave in ends.

-After that I like to add the eyes and the nose to the front panel, don't forget to stuff the nose a little bit! Sew the front panel to the other side of the middle panel so that you now have a circle shaped pouch, and then sew on the ears.

-Then, all that’s left to do is attach the strap! When you’re finished with all that, then you’re all done!

You can absolutely add a fabric lining to your purse if you want to make it more sturdy. If you do that, I would just trace the panels (front, middle, and back) and give ¼-½in seam allowance and then sew the lining together in the same fashion as the crochet pieces were sewn together, and then you can attach it under the zipper (I would do this before assembling the whole purse). I chose not to add a lining to mine this time because I didn’t have any matching fabric that I liked and it’s still a very sturdy purse, so it’s really up to you if you want to do that or not!<3

I hope you enjoyed today's pattern and I hope to see you here next Monday for Mini Pattern Monday! I hope you have fun making your teddy bear purse and if you do, you should email me at or tag me on Instagram @cutiepie_crochet and show me your finished items! <3


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