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Frog Blob Pattern

Updated: Feb 29

Hey everyone! Happy free pattern Friday! I have been so excited to share this pattern with you all! A while back I decided I wanted to make a frog plushie, but I didn’t want it to be any regular, normie frog. I wanted this frog… to be a blob. A blob frog, if you will. So I set to work designing the blobbiest frog I could make while still having it at least semi-recognizable as a frog. And I really feel like this pattern embodies that concept. No arms, no legs, just blob. And I love it!

I originally made this plushie with regular yarn, but I think velvet yarn or blanket yarn would really take this plushie to the next level of blob-ness! I will give a warning; if you are looking for green velvet yarn, the Bernat Baby Velvet in “Misty Jungle Green” was very much not green, my fault for ordering online, but yeah, probably don’t use that one for this project if you’re looking to make a green frog haha!

This project is pretty simple, it’s all one piece, with almost no sewing. As always I will try my best to make sure the pictures and tutorial make as much sense as possible, but if you need any extra instructions or if you see a miss-count or anything, please let me know via email ( or via Instagram (@cutiepie_crochet)! So, with that, let’s get started making our blobby new friend!

If you're looking for the mushroom in the picture, the pattern is here: and it's the small mushroom <3

If you would like to help keep these patterns free, please consider donating to my ko-fi if you are able! Each donation helps so much!

~If you have any questions about the pattern, or you just want to send me a picture of your finished project please contact me at! Feel free to make and sell these, but please do not mass produce! If you would like to share this pattern, please link to this page, but please do not reprint it on your site. Also, please credit me when using this pattern by tagging me @cutiepie_crochet on Instagram. Thanks, and have lots of fun making your new plushie friend!~

For this pattern you will need:

-Worsted weight yarn (size 4), I used Red Heart Super Saver in “Frosty Green” for the body “Baby Pink” for the blush, and “Black” for the mouth, but you can use whatever colors you prefer, these are just the colors I had on hand!

-12mm safety eyes

-Polyester Fiber Fill

-3.75mm crochet hook

-Yarn needle


-Stitch markers


Mr- magic ring

St- stitch

Sc- single crochet

Inc- increase (sc twice in one stitch)

Ch- chain

Dec- decrease (sc two stitches together)

FO- finish off

Eye Bumps:

(Make two, do not fasten off the second one.) Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4-5: sc around [18]

Tie off of 1st bump here, but do not tie off second bump!

Round 6: ch 2, join with a sc in round 5 of first eye bump, continue to sc around both eye bumps (see video below if you’re unsure of how to do this)[40]

*add safety eyes here (I just kind of eyeballed where to put them between rounds *

Round 7: (sc 17, inc 2)x2 [42]

Round 8: (sc 6, inc)x6 [48]

Rounds 9-18: sc around [48]

Round 19: (sc 6, dec)x6 [42]

Round 20: (sc 5, dec)x6 [36]

Round 21: (sc 4, dec)x6 [30]

Round 22: (sc 3, dec)x6 [24]

Round 23: (sc 2, dec)x6 [18]

Round 24: (sc 1, dec)x6 [12]

Round 25: dec x6 [6]

FO, weave in ends.

After you've finished the body, It's time to add the blush and the mouth! I like to add the blush one row below the eyes and a few stitches wide. For the mouth, I just make a "v" shape with the black yarn! Make sure not to pull too tight when embroidering these details or you might get lumps and bulges where you don't want them!

And with that, you are all done with your blobby, froggy friend! I really hope you liked this short pattern! If you end up making this pattern, I would love to see it, so please tag me on Instagram @cutiepie_crochet!

That's all for this pattern, and I'll see you here again for another free pattern soon! If you like this pattern please help the blog out by sharing it! <3

As a bonus, here's the very not green "Misty Jungle Green" frog blob I made:


Regan TheArtist
Regan TheArtist
Jun 19, 2023

Where is the body pattern?

Rachael Leventhal
Rachael Leventhal
Dec 22, 2023
Replying to

It's everything below row 7. It's just not marked well.

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