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Ellie The Elephant Pattern

Updated: Feb 29

I just LOVE elephants. They're by far my favorite animal! They are just so cute and awesome! Like, did you know elephants pass down information through generations? Or that elephant herds are always led by females (girl power!). They're strong and intelligent and are just so gosh dang cute! I could go on forever and ever, I just think they're so cool!! If you have time, you should look up some cool facts about your favorite animal! You may find some facts that make you love them even more!

My love for elephants is the reason I made Ellie the Elephant! I wanted to have a mini, very snuggle-friendly version of the majestic and goofy creatures we see out in the wild. And I could not be happier with the plushie I ended up with!

Ellie the Elephant is the first pattern that ever made me sit back and say "Wow. I did that." I had pattern testers and step-by-step pictures and several edited drafts of my pattern. I felt like a real professional pattern maker! So, I put it on Etsy to try and sell it. After listing it, I started to feel like I betrayed my teenage self that wanted to make free patterns so that anyone could enjoy them, because there were so few free amigurumi patterns available when I started crocheting. So, after debating with myself a lot, I decided that whenever I have enough patterns to make a blog, I would put it there instead of selling it, and I took the listing down.

Well, now that I have a blog and extra time from all this quarantine, I'm finally able to post my favorite pattern of mine. So, grab your favorite elephant colored yarn and let's start crocheting!

If you would like to help keep these patterns free, please consider donating to my ko-fi if you are able! Each donation helps so much!

~If you have any questions about the pattern, or you just want to send me a picture of your finished project please contact me at! Feel free to make and sell these, but please do not mass produce! If you would like to share this pattern, please link to this page, but please do not reprint it on your site. Also, please credit me when using this pattern. Thanks, and have lots of fun making your new plushie friend!~


  • 3.75mm crochet hook

  • Worsted weight yarn in the color of your choice

  • 12mm safety eyes

  • Fiber fill

  • Stitch markers

  • Yarn Needle

  • Scissors

  • Optional: dog slicker brush or comb


  • mr- magic ring

  • st- stitch

  • sc- single crochet

  • inc- increase

  • dec- decrease

  • blsc- back loop single crochet

  • puff st- puff stitch

  • ch- chain


Round 1: mr x6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24]

Round 5: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30]

Round 6: (sc 4, inc)x6 [36]

Round 7: (sc 5, inc)x6 [42]

Round 8: (sc 6, inc)x6 [48]

Round 9: (sc 7, inc)x6 [54]

Round10: (sc 8, inc)x6 [60]

Rounds 11-23: sc around [60]

*Insert safety eyes between rounds 21 and 22, 15 stitches apart *

Round 24: (sc 8, dec)x6 [54]

Round 25: (sc 7, dec)x6 [48]

Round 26: (sc 6, dec)x6 [42]

Round 27: (sc 5, dec)x6 [36]

Round 28: (sc 4, dec)x6 [30]

Round 29: (sc 3, dec)x6 [24]

Round 30: (sc 2, dec)x6 [18]

Round 31: (sc 1, dec)x6 [12]

Round 32: dec x6 [6]

Finish stuffing, fasten off, weave in ends.


Round 1: mr x6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24]

Round 5: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30]

Round 6: (sc 4, inc)x6 [36]

Round 7: (sc 5, inc)x6 [42]

Round 8: (sc 6, inc)x6 [48]

Rounds 9-14: sc around [48]

Round 15: (sc 6, dec)x6 [42]

Round 16: sc around [42]

Round 17: (sc 5, dec)x6 [36]

Round 18: sc around [36]

Round 19: (sc 4, dec)x6 [30]

Rounds 20-21: sc around [30]

Fasten off, finish stuffing. Attach to base of head.

Ears (x2):

Round 1: mr 3 [3]

Round 2: flip, ch 1, Inc x3 [6]

Round 3: flip, ch 1, (sc 1, inc)x3 [9]

Round 3: flip, ch 1, (sc 2, inc)x3 [12]

Round 4: flip, ch 1, (sc 3, inc)x3 [15]

Round 5: flip, ch 1, (sc 4, inc)x3 [18]

Round 6: flip, ch 1, (sc 5, inc)x3 [21]

Round 7: flip, ch 1, (sc 6, inc)x3 [24]

Round 8: flip, ch 1, (sc 7, inc)x3 [27]

Round 9: flip, ch 1, (sc 8, inc)x3 [30]

Fasten off, weave in yarn from the original magic ring, fold top of ear to just above the center of the ear and sew down. Attach to head.


Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: (sc 1, inc) [9]

Round 3: blsc [9]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc) [12]

Rounds 5-6: sc around [12]

Round 7: inc, sc, inc, sc, inc, sc 7 [15]

Rounds 8-9: sc around [15]

Round 10: sc 2, inc, (sc 1, inc)x2, sc 8 [18]

Rounds 11-12: sc around [18]

Round 13: sc 3, inc, (sc 2, inc)x2, sc 8 [21]

Round 14: sc around [21]

Round 15: sc 4, inc, (sc 3, inc)x2, sc 8 [24]

Round 16: sc around [24]

Fasten off, attach to head.

Legs (x2):

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc) [18]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc) [24]

Round 5: (blsc) sc 1, puff st, sc 2, puff st, sc 2, puff st, sc 2, puff st, sc 13 [24]

Round 6-7: sc around [24]

Round 8: (sc 2, dec) [18]

Rounds 9-17: sc around [18]

Fasten off. Attach to body.

Arms (x2):

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24]

Round 5: (blsc) sc 1, puff st, sc 2, puff st, sc 2, puff st, sc 2, puff st, sc 13 [24]

Round 6-7: sc around [24]

Round 8: (sc 2, dec)x6 [18]

Rounds 9-19: sc around [18]

Round 20: (sc 1, dec)x6 [12]

* stop stuffing here*

Rounds 21-24: sc around [12]

Fasten off. Sew opening shut, and attach to body.


ch 11

starting in second stitch from hook, sc 10

Fasten off, weave in one of the ends. knot a few yarn scraps to end of peice and brush out with a *clean* dog slicker brush or comb. I found mine on amazon for a few dollars, please do not use one that's been used on an animal without cleaning it thoroughly!! After brushing out the strands, you can trim them into your desired shape, you may need to give it a quick brush after trimming so the hairs stick back together. After that, go ahead and attach to the back of your elephant!

Now it's time to assemble your plushie!

I always like to start by adding the trunk to the face, right in between the eyes. Make sure you pin it into place so you're sure you have the best placement before sewing it down, make sure the trunk is curving upward.

After the trunk is attached, go ahead and attach the body to the base of the head. Then, go ahead and attach the ears to the sides of the head, making sure to pin into place to make attachment easier. Next, comes the arms and legs. Attach the legs kind of like the elephant is doing the splits, making sure it can support its own weight, if it can't just keep trying different positions until it can. And then add the arms just above the legs, pointed into the space we left between the legs. In addition to making the elephant look like a little cutie, it'll help with stability while sitting. The last thing to do is attach the little tail in the back of the body and it's all finished!

Here's what it should look like when you're all finished!

I really hope you enjoyed making your new plushie friend! If you do, you should take me on Instagram so I can see your wonderful creations! (@cutiepie_crochet). Also, thank you all so much for your support and very kind emails! You can contact me by email at And if you enjoyed this post, consider supporting the blog by pinning this post on Pinterest!

Thank you again, and I'll see you in the next post next Friday!


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