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Gudetama and Egg Bed

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

I've been feeling pretty lazy lately, so I thought I might make something that looks like I feel. Of course I made Gudetama! It's the perfect lazy character and it's fairly easy to make- double win!

If you're interested in having a whole collection of Sanrio characters to decorate your shelf, you can start by making this and Hello Kitty, I'll be sure to make more patterns with more of my favorite Sanrio characters soon!

Now, let's get started shall we?

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~If you have any questions about the pattern, or you just want to send me a picture of your finished project please contact me at! Feel free to make and sell these, but please do not mass produce! If you would like to share this pattern, please link to this page, but please do not reprint it on your site. Also, please credit me when using this pattern by tagging me @cutiepie_crochet on Instagram. Thanks, and have lots of fun making your new plushie friend!~

Materials Needed:

3.75mm crochet hook

Worsted weight yarn in yellow and white (or whatever colors you want!)

Felt for the eyes and mouth (or you can use embroidery thread)

Felting needle (if using felt)

Fiber fill

Stitch markers

Yarn needle


mr- magic ring

st- stitch

sc- single crochet

hdc- half double crochet

dc- double crochet

inc- increase

dec- decrease


Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24]

Round 5: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30]

Round 6: sc around [30]

Round 7: (sc 4, inc)x6 [36]

Rounds 8-9: sc around [36]

Round 10: (sc 5, inc)x6 [42]

Rounds 11-20: sc around [42]

Round 21: (sc 5, dec)x6 [36]

Round 22: (sc 4, dec)x6 [30]

Round 23: (sc 3, dec)x6 [24]

Round 24: (sc 2, dec)x6 [18]

Round 25: (sc 1, dec)x6 [12]

Round 26: dec x6 [6]

Fasten off, leave long tail to make bum.

Insert needle in between rows 18 and 19 and pull back through center of bottom. Pull just tight enough to start seeing the bum cheeks. Try not to pull too tight, or it's not going to look quite like a bum.

Arms (x2):

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2-5: sc around [6]

Round 6: fold opening in half, sc across [3]

Fasten off, attach to body.

Legs (x2):

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: (sc 1, inc)x3 [9]

Rounds 3-4: sc around [9]

Fasten off, attach to body.

Egg Bed:

Using white, make this piece twice, you’ll end up sewing both pieces together to make the bed.

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (sc 1, inc)x6 [18]

Round 4: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24]

Round 5: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30]

Round 6: (sc 4, inc)x6 [36]

Round 7: sc 4, (hdc, dc inc, hdc, sc 3)x5, sc 1, inc [42]

Round 8: (sc 4, hdc, dc, dc inc, dc, hdc, sc 4, inc)x2 (sc 6, inc)x2 [48]

Fasten off after you finish the first piece, dont fasten off the second piece. Face the wrong sides of both pieces together, line up the dc inc parts from round 8. Begin crocheting both layers together.

(sc 4, hdc, dc 2, dc inc, dc 2, hdc, sc 4, inc)x2 (sc 7, inc)x2 [54]

Stuff lightly, fasten off. You can finish here or add a button to the center to make the pillow/bed look a little bit more fancy. I’ve found that adding a button to the center makes the pillow a bit more flat on top and helps hold Gudetama a little better.

This is what the egg bed looks like with a little button in the center!

To crochet a button:

Round 1: mr 6 [6]

Round 2-3: sc around [6]

Fasten off, weave in ends, sew down in center of bed, through both sides.

Now you have your very own Gudetama! If you make one, tag me on Instagram so I can see your lazy egg! Don’t forget to pin this post on pinterest if you enjoyed it!

This is the difference between the embroidered and felted faces<3

I hope you have fun making your Gudetama plushie and if you do, you should email me at or tag me on Instagram @cutiepie_crochet and show me your finished plushies! <3


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